Best Computer Science Dissertation Topics

Need a computer science topic? Check this top list.

  1. An analysis of how full-text databases affect search engines
  2. Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate?
  3. Does age affect human reaction times?
  4. Methods for improving Open Web Architecture
  5. GMO Detection through Visual Selection
  6. An analysis of how Web space requirements are changing
  7. Does shoe design really affect an athlete’s jumping height?
  8. Stem cells: uses, advantages and controversy
  9. New methods for studying the behaviour of malware, viruses, and worms with the use of secure programming and runtime environments
  10. Analysis of software solutions for the increased energy efficiency
  11. Does acid rain affect the growth of aquatic plants?
  12. An analysis of redundancy and fault recovery in the 4G wireless network
  13. An analysis of the implementation and analysis of the optimal algorithm vs the heuristic algorithm for the generation of clusters
  14. A case study and analyse how the protection of systems against terror attacks
  15. What is the effect of salt on the boiling temperature of the water?
  16. How effective are child-proof containers and locks?
  17. An analysis of how e-publishing is affecting libraries
  18. New methods of risk management during software development

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