Dissertation Topics About Law

  1. Skinheads and Neo-Nazis
  2. Female Serial Killers
  3. A critical analysis of the reform of homicide laws
  4. Social Work with Criminals
  5. Women in Crime
  6. Provide a critical analysis of the law of omissions liability
  7. Case studies that represent a review of criminal negligence related to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
  8. White-Collar Crime
  9. Shoplifting
  10. How criminal laws have been impacted around the world by the war on terror
  11. Choose a country and analyze their policies on discrimination
  12. A detailed analysis of gender and race profiling of suspects in the criminal justice system
  13. Evaluate the protection given to minority shareholders as dictated by company law
  14. Workplace Violence
  15. Investigating and analyzing complaints filed in the criminal justice system
  16. An analysis of the right to bear arms relative to the context in which the law was written into The Constitution
  17. The morality and impact of euthanasia and how Canada sets a precedent
  18. Eyewitness Memory

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